Glass Class Adventure 2018


November 6-14, 2018

It's that time again. Time to start thinking about our next big adventure. This time we will be flying off to the beautiful and vibrant city of Athens Greece. With over 3,400 years of recorded history, Athens is one of the oldest cities on Earth. Today Athens is a bustling modern metropolis, but there are reminders of its ancient past at every turn. Enjoy the history, culture, food and the friendly people that call this incredible city home.

We will depart from New Orleans airport on Nov 6th, 2018, flying overnight and arriving in Athens in the afternoon of Nov 7th. The return trip will begin very early on the morning of Nov 14th and arrive back in New Orleans in the afternoon of the same day . If you are interested in coming along, your booking options are. Ask Russ to book the trip for you/assist you in booking, or book the trip on your own. You can find our hotel/flight information below.

We will be staying at the Plaka Hotel, 7 Kapnikareas & Mitropoleos St
Athens Greece, Nov 7th - 14th, 2018.

The first flight of our journey has a tight connection time in Atlanta, 52 minutes. However there is an earlier flight from New Orleans to Atlanta that wasn't offered to us when we booked. That flight is Delta #1951, departing at 3:55 PM and arriving at 6:32 PM. This gives you a connection time of 1:56 minutes to make flt 74 to Amsterdam.

DELTA flt 1293,      MSY 4:59PM      to      ATL 7:36PM
DELTA flt 74,      ATL 8:28PM      to      AMS 10:45AM +1 day
DELTA flt 9573,      AMS 12:10PM      to      ATH 4:20PM

DELTA flt 9639,      ATH 6:00 AM      to      AMS 8:30 AM
DELTA flt 135,      AMS 10:15AM      to      DTW 1:21PM
DELTA flt 996,      DTW 3:30 PM      to      MSY 5:08PM